Monday, April 12, 2010

{Caitlin's} Merry Un-Birthday Tea Party!

Here is Caitlin's teapot cake and cupcakes I made for her little party, I have lots of photos to share, I really enjoyed making everything for this one!  This is the front view of the cake, inside is chocolate mud cake and the cupcakes are buttercake.

This is the back view of the cake, Caitlin liked the ribbon around the cake board so that is what I used for inspiration!

And here is the little mouse popping out of the tea, wearing his full cup of tea on his head!

All set up for the birthday girl!

I had some huge balloons to hang over the table, these are actually called punching balloons and they have a loop at the top with a rubber band threaded through it for holding onto. I love using them for decorations they are huge! For anyone who doesn't know you can buy them in the party section at Big W.

I made some fairy floss cones which I thought were really cute!  You can make these with a square piece of paper rolled up into the cone shape, hole punch and tie up with whatever you like, I used some satin ribbon.  You could also fill with lollies and use these instead of making treat bags.

I printed out some little signs when I made the invitations, Caitlin thought these were funny so we stuck them onto a paddlepop stick and put them in the lolly bowls for a bit of a mad hatter touch.

Even the flowers were watching us!

And my favourite...Melon Martini's, both my kids love watermelon and I usually serve it at all thier parties this year I thought of a better way to serve it, in a cocktail glass {plastic disposable ones actually but they looked like glass to kids!}  to finish these off,  a wooden cocktail fork to eat it with, what little girl wouldn't love these?


  1. W.O.W I dont know where to start Gina!!! IT IS INCREDIBLE! This is my favourite cake yet! Tell me, is it ALL cake?! It looks so awesome i can hardly beleive it is! You have gone to so much effort it seems like something straight out of hollywood. Caitlin is one lucky 7 year old. I just dont know how you cut into it and eat it!

  2. I can only say one thing Gina "AWESOME". You are one very clever lady and Caitlin is a lucky girl xx

  3. I shared this onto my facebook page. These are comments from there

    Belinda: simply amazing! i wish I was that clever!

    Jenny: I've never seen anything quite as exquisite as those cakes. Some people are amazingly talented .... The only thing is that I wouldn't have the heart to eat them .....

  4. Yes, this one is all cake, the handle and spout are fondant icing I made the day before so they hardened up enough to stick on. Thankyou so much Sam & Julie! I really appreciate getting comments, it makes my day:)

  5. How amazing are these cakes!! Fantastic and super talented!! xx

  6. Got another one!

    Sarah: Wow how talented is your aunty!! Awesome! I love looking at gorgeous cakes and clever creations!! They all look so yummy!

    (This could also be the person above me!)

  7. Thanks Sam! I never expected to get all these lovely comments, thankyou so much everyone!!!

  8. Awesome Giny, Brittany was telling me all about it at the drags. It looks so good :) :)

  9. Thanks Pen! can't wait to do yours:)


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