Monday, August 20, 2012

'Star Wars' Cupcakes ~ William's 6th Birthday

During the school holidays our little man 'William' turned six years old!  He chose 'star wars' for the party theme this year! I pretty much had no idea what to do until I saw the awesome cupcake toppers 'Royal Bakery' had made, I knew I just had to make some too! They are very easy to make using the 'star wars' cookie cutter and plunger set, cut the shapes out of fondant or chocolate then it's just a matter of painting on the details...

William thought they were just great, and what a beautiful sunny day it was too! All the family travelled out to celebrate and have lunch with us, the birthday boy was extremely excited with all the star wars lego he was gifted! {not to mention all the other pressies...very spoilt!}

He was sooo stoked with this Darth Vader mask he was given, complete with breathing sounds!
We decorated the party table with some of his star wars lego and mini figures and of course loads of his favourite chocolate! The Darth Vader in the background was made with a plastic mask from spotlight and my cutting cape {used for hairdressing} we just pinned them onto the blind.   
Hope you all had a great weekend, thanks for stopping by!

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