Friday, April 30, 2010

{OES Warwick} Cutting Cake and Cupcakes

My Aunty is part of the OES in Warwick and this is the cutting cake I made for their cupcake tower, each flower is handmade out of fondant and represents part of the logo, blue is the violet, yellow & white jasmine, red rose and green the fern leaf.  The ribbon around the bottom is also fondant which I embossed with a leafy pattern. Inside is chocolate mud cake.


Included were 40 butter cupcakes in gold papers with vanilla cream icing
 and a small red rose topper.

These were all presented on a custom gold 5 tier stand with co-ordinating ribbons
with the cutting cake on top.

Pink Cupcake Tower {Kristy}

My cousin Penny was hostess for a birthday celebration in honour of her good friend Kristy, she had a marquee in the backyard and little candles around the cake table it was really lovely!  The cupcake flavours included butter cake with vanilla cream icing and chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate mudcake with stamped fondant.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Kitchenaid!

In answer to all the emails asking me what mixer I use in my it is, my shiny empire red KitchenAid which I love almost as much as the person who bought it for me, my lovely husband of course!!  I was very lucky to receive this for my birthday a couple of years ago and boy have I worked it.  You can get almost every attachment you can think of for these babies including a sausage maker and they come in many colours. If you love home cooking and are looking for a new mixer you just couldn't go past the KitchenAid. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lollipop Cake & Giant cupcake!

My littlest cousin 'Brittany' celebrated her 10th birthday with this lollipop cake, inside is chocolate mud cake, I didn't have a board big enough for these two so they went on seperate boards joined together and can you believe I didn't get a photo of it put together... you will just have to use your imagination!


The boards once joined together read 'Happy 10th Birthday B' {Brittany is often called B for short by her family & friends!} Inside this one is vanilla cake, the little cherries are red vanilla fondant with a little shine painted on and the stalks are green florist wire which I use for my fondant flowers.

Friday, April 23, 2010

3D Car Cake

This little car cake was made for a birthday during the week,  I would love to do one in fondant,  this one is buttercream icing and was quite tricky to smooth over all the curves nevertheless I still enjoyed making it!  The rocks I used on the board and around the poles are actually chocolates, you can buy these at Big W.  I think they're great...I used these around my sons digger and bobcat cakes last year and they would also make good cupcake toppers for boys parties!

While this cake was not meant to be realistic looking or replicate any particular model I did paint a small mazda badge on the front,  I thought Mitchell and his family would have a little laugh at that!

I used two road signs instead of writing on the board, these were printed off on cardstock and stuck onto skewers that I wrapped in tin foil.  "Happy Birthday Mitchell, drive carefully!"

Monday, April 19, 2010

Manolo Blahnik & Shoebox Cake

My sister-in-law Melissa just loves shoes and she is also a fan of the Sex and the City TV series... so what better gift could I have given her, Manolo Blahnik's {cake version!} The shoe is completely made of fondant icing and took about 4 days to complete, each stage had to be completely dried out before I could put it all together. I was very pleased when it all came together in the finish, the 'shoe box' is a double layer mud cake covered in fondant.

I chose this particular shoe as it appears in one of the episodes of the TV show and I thought Melissa would like that!  At the time of making this the weather was ridiculously hot which made the fondant really sticky and really hard to work with so I was very happy with the end result considering!

My mother-in-law (Kenita) asked if I could make some cupcakes for the surprise party so here they are with my favourite roses on top.  I was dissapointed I didn't get many good photos of everything, too busy rushing around to get there on time without breaking the shoe in transit!  I made some pink frangipani cupcake toppers and the others are stamped fondant to match the board of the shoe cake, these were also chocolate mud cake.

Kenita also asked me to make up some invitations to send out, I thought a little pink shoe with a bit of glitter for extra bling...perfect!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Superhero Party Package

Here are the invitations I created for a superhero party, these were printed out on cardstock with a magnectic strip on the back and went perfectly into these green envelopes!

This little person had a special diet requirement so I couldn't make his cake's but I did make 24 cupcake toppers and some matching cupcake papers and...

the treat bags were done up in brown paper bags with matching tags tied on with red ribbon, cute!  I'm now working on decorations for our church centenary celebration cake for the end of the month, two birthday cakes next weekend and my next paper project is  'save the date' cards for an engagement party it will be a bird theme {yes... lovebirds!}

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Super Hero Party Range {Lisa & Penny}

Today my niece, Lisa and her family are celebrating her fifth year of remission from cancer, so I thought today I would share a sneak peek into my latest project and give Lisa a shout out at the same time. I am working on designing a customer some superhero cupcake toppers {how cute are these little heroes?}, treat bag tags and invitations, I was only recently reading a woman's day at my Mum's with a feature on Tori Spelling's super hero birthday party she threw for her kids {it was really good!} and I was hoping that someone would ask me for something like that!

Also my cousin Penny is running in the The Mother's Day Classic on Sunday the 9th of May at the Gold Coast, which is one of Australia's largest charity events. The annual fun run and walk raises money for breast cancer research. You can make a donation of any size here 
every little bit helps!

"Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present."

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

{Sarah & Kayne's} Black & White Wedding Cupcakes

I recently had the pleasure of making Sarah and Kayne's wedding cupcake tower.  They had a black and white theme and my 8 inch chocolate mud cutting cake covered with white embossed fondant, silk ribbon and a huge black silk bloom for the topper.  60 deluxe size choc mud cupcakes, some trimmed with black silk ribbon, I made 400 little black and white flowers and 20 black fondant bows. I delivered and set up the stand to Picnic Point in Toowoomba and the very next day Sarah's Mum sent me some beautiful photographs and a lovely e-mail which read,

Hi Gina, just had to thank you for the absolutely wonderful cake, everyone was so wrapped in it.......... it was magnificient.. thanks so much. Despite the weather the day was just grand.
Just attached a couple of photos for you.
Thanks so much again, Elaine.

Hand made edible black fondant bows.

These were hand glittered with silver edible rainbow dust which really looked pretty but my photo doesn't show it up very well!

These one's were tied up with silk ribbon bows, hand piped with tiny royal icing white centres.

And these ones the same as above but in opposite colours!

Monday, April 12, 2010

{Caitlin's} Merry Un-Birthday Tea Party!

Here is Caitlin's teapot cake and cupcakes I made for her little party, I have lots of photos to share, I really enjoyed making everything for this one!  This is the front view of the cake, inside is chocolate mud cake and the cupcakes are buttercake.

This is the back view of the cake, Caitlin liked the ribbon around the cake board so that is what I used for inspiration!

And here is the little mouse popping out of the tea, wearing his full cup of tea on his head!

All set up for the birthday girl!

I had some huge balloons to hang over the table, these are actually called punching balloons and they have a loop at the top with a rubber band threaded through it for holding onto. I love using them for decorations they are huge! For anyone who doesn't know you can buy them in the party section at Big W.

I made some fairy floss cones which I thought were really cute!  You can make these with a square piece of paper rolled up into the cone shape, hole punch and tie up with whatever you like, I used some satin ribbon.  You could also fill with lollies and use these instead of making treat bags.

I printed out some little signs when I made the invitations, Caitlin thought these were funny so we stuck them onto a paddlepop stick and put them in the lolly bowls for a bit of a mad hatter touch.

Even the flowers were watching us!

And my favourite...Melon Martini's, both my kids love watermelon and I usually serve it at all thier parties this year I thought of a better way to serve it, in a cocktail glass {plastic disposable ones actually but they looked like glass to kids!}  to finish these off,  a wooden cocktail fork to eat it with, what little girl wouldn't love these?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

{Caitlin's 7th Birthday Tea Party} Sneak Peek!

Here are the treat bags for the party goers to take home tommorrow, when I was little this was my favourite part of coming home from a birthday party...opening the bounty bag!  Caitlin had fun picking out what we were going to put inside.

I made 24 of these big bright flowers to top the cupcakes with, all made of fondant with chocolate fondant centres!

I had to share this little mouse which will be popping up somewhere in or around the teapot cake, when I made the tiny teacup and saucer Caitlin said 'put it on his head Mum!' {why didn't I think of that} I can't wait to put it all together, that's my favourite part.  I will post all the party photo's next week, finger's crossed it doesn't rain!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

{Nicolas'} Optimus Prime Transformer Cake & Cupcake Toppers!

This is my nephew's transformer cake for his 8th birthday.  Nicolas is mad about transformers so this is what I came up with. Just incase your wondering what those red balls are on top, they are candle holders I had some long black candles to go in them and they do a good job at keeping melted wax off the cake!

The flames are all made of fondant, I put some sparkly edible glitter on the tips of them all but you can't really see it in the photos.  The truck on top is a store bought Optimus Prime and boy are they tricky to 'transform' unless your an 8 year old named Nicolas of course!

I cut out a fondant number 8 to go with the flames and stuck it on the top of the truck with a bit of sugar glue.  Nicolas also had a little party in the park with his friends so I made cupcakes for that with my personalised cupcake toppers!

Disney Princess Castle Cake

This is my daughter's 5th birthday cake {two years ago!} I hadn't discovered fondant back then so all the little princesses are plastic, Caitlin loved this one and she still has all the little dolls.  We had a pool party and Caitlin came as Snow White... one of her favourites, she is on the cake right at the back.  I am now working on her 7th birthday cake, a teapot for the tea party on Sunday...fingers crossed it turns out!    

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

{Caitlin's 7th birthday tea party} Invitations

I am a bit un-organised this year for my daughter's birthday party. She is having a mad hatter themed tea party on the weekend and these are the little invites we made to give out to her cousins this afternoon, just a family affair this year! I was going to take them to see the movie {Alice in Wonderland} after the party but it finishes today so we won't be doing that now!  I will post the cupcake toppers, treat bags and other details as I make them and of course some pictures of the cake and the table decorations after the party!

Good Luck {Mickey} Cupcakes

I hope everyone had a safe and happy easter! I haven't posted anything for a while {I missed cookie Monday!!} as I have been busy with my own family over the easter break.  We had five lovely days at the sunshine coast which we all enjoyed, the kids especially loved spending time with thier Dad.  My nephew Mickey is in hospital in Brisbane today about to have another operation on his broken arm so I decided to post these 'good luck' cupcakes I made last year, they were origanally made for Mickey, he is a real sports star and these were for his trip to Melbourne to compete in footsal.  'Good Luck' today Mickstar!
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