Saturday, April 10, 2010

{Caitlin's 7th Birthday Tea Party} Sneak Peek!

Here are the treat bags for the party goers to take home tommorrow, when I was little this was my favourite part of coming home from a birthday party...opening the bounty bag!  Caitlin had fun picking out what we were going to put inside.

I made 24 of these big bright flowers to top the cupcakes with, all made of fondant with chocolate fondant centres!

I had to share this little mouse which will be popping up somewhere in or around the teapot cake, when I made the tiny teacup and saucer Caitlin said 'put it on his head Mum!' {why didn't I think of that} I can't wait to put it all together, that's my favourite part.  I will post all the party photo's next week, finger's crossed it doesn't rain!!

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  1. OMG those flowers are amazing! And the mouse is just SO cute!!!! Where were you when i was 7?!


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