Monday, July 25, 2011

YEEHAW!!! {Pink Cowgirl Hat} Birthday Cake

My favourite cake for last week was this one, a pink cowgirl hat I made for my niece, Georgia. 

I hand carved this one to get the hat shape, I used a small star cutter to cut white fondant stars for the name and painted the letters on with brown food colouring.

To get this hat band to look 'leathery' {or suede like} I let the icing dry out a little bit before I twisted it which made it look like this.

The cake board I covered with some raffia of course to resemble straw/hay.

Inside this one was butter cake, I hope you liked it Georgia!
'Happy Birthday'

My two kids just loved this cake and now want me to make ones to look like thier own cowboy/girl hats!
Have a great day everyone, don't forget to check out my albums in the photos section of my facebook page.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

3D Soccerball Cake ~ 15th Birthday

My nephew is celebrating his fifteenth birthday today 'Happy Birthday Mickey!'  We enjoyed a nice family BBQ last night and I made him this 3D soccerball cake.

There is quite alot of work in making one of these with the measuring out of the pattern and getting the shape perfectly round, but well worth the effort in the end. 

The scarf around the ball is also icing which was looking a bit plain so I added some green stripes {your team colours would be nice here or instead of a scarf a big bow for the girls that are into soccer}, the board is covered in red icing and the '15' I thought stood out a bit more on a square of white icing.

Inside is chocolate mud cake:)
We all had a 'ball' at your party Mickey!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mario Bros Cake ~ William's 5th Birthday

My little boy has turned five, I still can't believe it!  He really wanted this Mario Bros cake which he had drawn the plans up for weeks before, including the food he was having on his party table!  He had his heart set on a 3D John Deere Tractor cake for ages then a change of mind so here we go...  

...we ended up with all his favourite little characters on the cake,  William wanted to dress up as Luigi and have his Dad come as Mario!!   

The easiest things to make were the little flowers,  if you don't know any of the Mario Bros games for nintendo, wii etc. then this cake will probably make no sense to you:) One cake was chocolate mud and the other was butter cake.

William's favourite character is this little guy, Luigi.  My next post will be a few details from his party table that you might be able to use at your next kids party and a new invitation design.
'Happy 5th Birthday' Willy!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

95th Birthday Cake ~ "fit for a Queen!"

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to create a small cake for a luncheon being held in honour of Florence Slattery, who was celebrating her 95th Birthday....for those who don't know Mrs Slattery {pictured below} founded the Red Hat Society in Australia. Today the Australian organisation has 260 chapters and thousands of lipsticked, stiletto-wearing senior members snubbing traditional images of faded, grey grannies.

Queen Mother of the Red Hat Society ~ Mrs Florence Slattery

"Congratulations and Happy Birthday" Florence, you are an inspiration to many.


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