Monday, November 22, 2010

Monkey Birthday Princess {Ash's 18th}

This two tiered choc mud cake was made for our friend Ashliegh who celebrated her 18th birthday over the weekend.  The cake was actually purple but has turned out looking a bit blue in my photos...the request was for something purple, chocolate and monkey so this is the design I came up with!

The vine wrapped up onto the top and I scattered the leaves all around the cake.

The monkey is made of chocolate fondant and the star on the wand I dipped in silver edible glitter which came up really sparkly! The spots on the 18 I cut out with the end of a piping tip, if you don't have a set of circle cutters I find my metal piping tips work just as good :)

I also glittered around the edges of the little skirt and the top of the crown...

I added a little fondant bannana...

...and the tail coming out from under the skirt.
I will add these photos and more to my facebook albums.

Happy 18th Birthday Ash!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Newborn Baby Christening~Shower~Welcome Cake!

"TOOT TOOT!" yes that is me tooting my own horn hehehe!!  I had to put this photo first because I love it and I can't believe I took it, I have just discovered how to use a new setting on my camera so I'm quite pleased with myself although had I read the instruction manual when I first got my camera I could have been making good use of this setting for the past twelve months;)

I am so excited to share my newest  and original cake design with you, everything you see is edible except for the piece of satin ribbon I used to trim the base of this cake {which I had to add to cover a little mistake I made while adding the damask pattern}, even the baby is handmade out of fondant icing! Inspiration for this came from memories of Anne Geddes beautiful photography, I had several diaries and calendars of hers during my high school years!

I think this is now my favourite adult cake that I've created so far...You could use this design for an elegant baby shower, a welcome cake for a newborn celebration, fantastic christening cake or even an adult birthday.  I used a leaf viener for the pattern on the rose petals which I thought gave a realistic effect.

The damask pattern is all royal icing which I tinted creamy peach (out of the wilton range of colours), the cake itself is two 6inch rounds that are 4inches high each stacked on top of each other to form a tall cake drum. To eat this cake you would seperate the two cakes just by cutting horizontally in the middle and lifting the top cake off, I'm not sure if I could eat the baby though??!

Bottoms up :)  I took alot of photos of this cake which I will be adding to my facebook albums if you would like to have a look!  Sorry for the lack of blog posts I have found myself overly busy of late, have a great weekend!

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