Friday, April 23, 2010

3D Car Cake

This little car cake was made for a birthday during the week,  I would love to do one in fondant,  this one is buttercream icing and was quite tricky to smooth over all the curves nevertheless I still enjoyed making it!  The rocks I used on the board and around the poles are actually chocolates, you can buy these at Big W.  I think they're great...I used these around my sons digger and bobcat cakes last year and they would also make good cupcake toppers for boys parties!

While this cake was not meant to be realistic looking or replicate any particular model I did paint a small mazda badge on the front,  I thought Mitchell and his family would have a little laugh at that!

I used two road signs instead of writing on the board, these were printed off on cardstock and stuck onto skewers that I wrapped in tin foil.  "Happy Birthday Mitchell, drive carefully!"

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  1. Oh thats great! Funny about the mazda badge, i actually said to Michelle i bet Gina makes a mazda!!!


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