Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter! {say it with cookies}

This week I have been busy making cookies, lot's and lot's and lot's of cookies!  These ones pictured are chewy gingerbread {my favourite}, I also made vanilla and chocolate sugar cookies.

These carrots were my kids favourites, the cookie cutters I used for these you can find at spotlight {Toowoomba store}.

The bunny's features are done with a black gourmet writer and for the rosy cheeks I brushed on a little bit of pink petal dust.

The eggshells were also dusted with a little bit of pearl lustre dust to make them nice and shiny...

packaged up in individual cello bags, tied with ribbon and...

finished off with a 'happy easter' gift tag and boxed up ready to go, I also made a few extra's for our own easter gifts! 
 I hope you all have a safe and very happy {chocolate filled} easter! 

If you would like some {very last minute!} printable easter tags for free,  let me know... I'd be happy to email you the file for these one's I designed for my cookies.

Friday, April 15, 2011

'Hello Kitty' Party Table {'new' designs in the shop!}

Wow, I can't believe my daughter is eight years old already! can't buy it and you can't get it back once spent. The weather was so beautiful here on Sunday, I felt so dissapointed for Caitlin that she got sick and couldn't enjoy herself, oh well... better then than now for the school holidays!

Hello Kitty chocolate bar wrappers available HERE, I designed these to fit around those little cadbury animal chocolates {you get them at the grocery shop in a pack of 6} but they would fit around any candy bars around that size.

I made the stand for these giant and fun lollipops out of a piece of styrofoam which I wrapped up with a piece of pink tissue paper...

'Hello Kitty' cutom fancy food labels available HERE 

'Hello Kitty' custom tented cards also available HERE!

Caitlin loves gumballs, of course we had to have some...these come in a 1kg tub at Big W for under$6!

The latest craze in party tables are cute little glass bottles with paper straws, my kids love to drink out of these, I had creaming soda to fill them with but never got the chance to before I snapped these photos.

My 'Hello Kitty' paper range doesn't just come in light pink, you can choose from red, blue or dark pink!

These larger sized custom labels I made for the treat/favour bags but they are also perfect for table centre pieces like this one or other decorations you might be using.

mmm...chocolate, these tasty little treats came from Rolly's Party & Lolly Shop in Grafton Street, Warwick.  They have an awesome range of party goods for almost anything you can think of!  I also got some great lollipops there.

The little fairy wands come in a pack at most dollar stores, these were from crazy clarks for $2 per 8pack {which I actually bought about a year ago... I think they still have them though!} We added a bit of ribbon for extra cuteness:)

Make your own treat bags, I know what your thinking! No...I wasn't too lazy to make the kids a treat bag LOL!  I thought they would have fun making thier own and wouldn't end up with a heap of lollies they don't like. 

So if your looking for some custom paper goodies for your next 'Hello Kitty' party you will find everything you see here and more including invitations and cupcake toppers in my 'madeit' SHOP.

Thanks for looking!

Hello Kitty! {Caitlin's 8th Birthday cake}

Here is the Hello Kitty birthday cake I created for Caitlin's birthday!  She didn't get to have candles or cut her cake until Tuesday {party was supposed to be Sunday!} as she was in bed sick almost all day Sunday. My husband ended up taking most of it to share around at work so at least it got eaten!

All the decorations are edible, made of fondant icing..the hardest part on this cake was making the 'Hello Kitty' face.  I drew the face straight onto a piece of icing freehand with black food colouring
{I use gourmet writers which are just like a felt tip pen only with food colouring instead of ink} and cut out the shape from there. The bow is covered in dark pink edible glitter which in person was super sparkly! I stuck it to a few paddle pop sticks to keep it standing upright and inserted them
straight into the top of the cake.

I was pretty happy that it actually turned out looking like 'Hello Kitty'!

Following this post will be Caitlin's party table featuring some of the 'Hello Kitty' paper range,
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello Kitty! {Sneak Peek of Caitlin's 8th Birthday}

I had a very special little birthday party planned for my daughter over the weekend, after thinking up who knows how many themes for herself in the weeks leading up to the big day...she had her usual last minute change of mind and requested 'hello kitty'!  Unfortunately she got sick in the early hours of the morning {yes my son and I now have it aswell...second one this season, already!} and she couldn't enjoy any of it! I felt so so sorry for her...she had chosen all the food herself and helped me create all the paper signs and set her party table up the day before. 

I did however manage to take the usual excessive amount of photo's though! so when we are back to our healthy selves...I will post them for you!
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