Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{I'd rather be Fishing} 60th Birthday Cake!

Last week I had to come up with a cake for my Uncle's 60th Birthday, it was a joint celebration with another Uncle's Father-in-law...confused?  Both men enjoy fishing so I was asked to create something around that, at first I was going to do a boat... but I thought that was a bit too easy, so hello 3D carved fish cake!

I really need to invest in an airbrush as this seemed to take forever to paint by hand, the fins and tail I made last so I could shape them once I attached them to the cake.

The board I also covered with icing, added the woodgrain detail and painted over some dark brown food colouring then trimmed it with brown satin ribbon.  I made this the day before so it had plenty of time to dry out before adding the cake.

Inside was delicious chocolate mud cake, the little birthday note is also icing and written on with an edible pen.

This was delivered to a private party in Warwick on Saturday afternoon,

"Happy 60th Birthday Big Al & Jim!"  I hope you enjoyed cleaning this one up ;)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

{Elephant} First Birthday Cake

This cute little boys 'elephant first birthday cake' I created for last weekend was a copy of a 'Pink Cake Box' design, If you follow me on 'pinterest' you will  notice I have pinned  a few amazing  PCB cakes so I was quite excited when I was asked to make this one!

This seemingly simple design actually took a very long time to put together! The elephant was made over a couple of days so each piece had sufficient drying time, I don't have the tool for cutting strips so a little extra time went into measuring out the three different sizes and each one of those balls...rolled by hand! but this {for me} is the most fun...making the decorations and putting it all together :) I must admit it is much more satisfying when it is your own unique design,  nevertheless I was very happy with how this one turned out.

Inside both cakes....chocolate mud

I delivered this one to a private residence in Warwick where I found out it would be taking another trip to the Sunshine Coast! 

'Happy 1st Birthday Will!'
and Thank you Nathan & Kristie I hope your party went well!

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