Monday, May 30, 2011

'Sweet Little Girls' Birthday Cake

This 'sweet little girls' cake was made over the weekend for a 3rd birthday party in Warwick. 


All of the decorations I hand made from fondant icing so everything was edible including the glitter on the butterflies.

These little flowers were made with a small star cookie cutter, with the little girls I made thier bodies first and then attached the arms and legs and put the head and hair on last.

The faces were kept very simple with a small dot of black food colouring for the eyes and a little pink petal dust for the rouge on the cheeks.

I really liked this little foot up in the air :)  Inside this one was butter cake with vanilla icing.

Happy Birthday Haylee!
These pictures and more can be found in the PHOTOS section on my facebook page! 

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