Monday, May 9, 2011

Stacked Gift Box Cake {Kiah's 16th Birthday}

This two tiered 'gift box' cake was created over the weekend as a surprise for one lucky sixteen year old!

Inside were double layer chocolate mud cake and a double layer vanilla cream butter cake. The fondant balls around the bottom were so time consuming, each one hand rolled for a more funky sort of finish!

I also made these wired hearts which were to go in the top of the cake, as this one was travelling all the way to Tweed I left them off to be assembled on arrival.

The huge bow on top I made a little bit thicker than usual as I was worried it might crack during transit... all arrived safely and in one piece!

I used pink & white love heart ribbon to trim the board... and I added a birthday message after I took these photos as I was running out of daylight fast and really wanted to snap my usual excessive amount of shots ;)
'Happy 16th Birthday' Kiah!!



  1. You are making soooooooooo pretty cakes!!!They are absolutely gorgeous!!Continue your great work dear!!

    Kissseees :-))

    P.s I just followed your amazing-cute blog!!If you want follow me back...xixi

  2. Thankyou!! and thanks for following me...I just followed you back:)

  3. These cakes are so gorgeous !!!! i just you follow back ....Continue your great work....
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