Wednesday, October 13, 2010

{Mini} Black & White Gift Box Cakes

Here are two mini cakes I made that were inspired by  Sams Gift Box Cake. These turned out pretty cute and are a great size for a small gathering, tea party or cutting cake for cupcake towers.

A couple of little ribbon roses and bright green leaves to finish it off, the gift tag I printed out on cardstock and trimmed the board with polka dot ribbon,  I'm secretly hooked on polka dot ribbon at the moment I just finished a dinosaur paper party set with orange and green polka dot ribbons...I will post those next week for you.

The bows were hand painted with pearl lustre dust but I did this after I took these photos...not thinking!

I am working on a special wedding cake this week it has been a real battle with this wet weather we are enduring here at the moment, sticky fondant icing and me don't mix!  I have my finger's crossed for a dry wedding day for the Bride and Groom {and thier cake;)}

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