Sunday, September 19, 2010

Black and White Gift Box Cake {Sam's Birthday}

Here is the stacked gift box cake I made, requested by my sister- in- law Julie, she was giving it to her daughter Sam who was also enjoying her hens night over the weekend at the beautiful Gold Coast. 

Inside is chocolate mud cake,  I made the flowers and bow on top all out of fondant.

The bow is covered in pearl lustre dust to make it nice and shiny looking.

The board is trimmed with black fondant and polka dot ribbon and the gift tag is printed
out on cardstock.

I hope all the girls had a great weekend! and thanks to Melissa
for transporting it safely to the venue!


  1. OMG IT WAS AMAZING! It was such a great surprise, I FINALLY GOT A GINA CAKE :) Thankyou SOO SOSOSOSO MUCH! You did an amazing job!!!

  2. Your very welcome Sam...your wonderful Mum organised it all! I'm so pleased you liked it:)

  3. It tasted just as amazing as it looked!!!! YUM!
    Excellent job Gina!!

  4. Thanks so much Jane!! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for stopping by on my blog;)

  5. Congratulation's Gina, another great job, I will wait patiently for the next masterpiece, regards Kaye.

  6. Thanks loyal follower!:) I have a few good ones coming up!


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