Monday, October 25, 2010

Whimsical Halloween Snack Bag Toppers!

I have made some little snack bag toppers for my daughter to give her friends for Halloween which is just around the corner.  If you would like some for yourself I am offering them to you as a FREE DIY printable file!

These are the snack bags I like to use but my toppers will fit any 15cm wide bag. For best results print out on bright white cardstock or matte photo paper, I used cardstock and set my printer for printing on matte photo paper.

Cut them out and fold in half, you could also use them as little table signs for your halloween party!  Fill your snack bags with creepy treats and staple on or tape down {with double stick tape} your bag toppers.

Download your FREE Whimsical Halloween Snack Bag Toppers right now! If you have any trouble downloading these just send me an email with 'snack bag toppers' in the subject line and I will return mail with the attachment for you...I hope you enjoy these!

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