Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Construction Party! {part two}

Here is William's party table loaded up with all his favourite things to eat!  After all the photo's I took on the day I never got one of this table with everything on it!! So this photo is courtesy of my sister in law, thanks Melissa!  If you missed my previous post with pictures of William's construction cake you can see it HERE!

These balloons were great fun for the kids, they came with 50 balloons, instructions and a pump! The hard hat we already had and added a number 4 to it.

We had tin buckets for chocolates and little scoops attached with rope for digging them out, these marshmallows I stuck onto a lollipop stick and dipped in melted chocolate...they look cute with hundreds & thousands on top but William doesn't like them so these ones stayed plain!

Fresh Queensland strawberries, these didn't last long! and another favourite...watermelon

If you missed my previous post with William's construction birthday cake you can see it HERE

And finally a construction box for all the kids, filled with lollies and other goodies to take home!

Where did you get that?
The custom bunting/banner, signs, food labels and gumball bag toppers were designed and made by me.
The orange safety gale on the front of the table came from bunnings, you can buy by the metre for around $5.
The plastic plates, {melon martini} cups, straws, tin buckets and balloon kits all came from the reject shop for under $3 a piece. Scoops I already had but are originally from tupperware.
The buckets and riverstones  used to hold the balloons on sticks I already had but you could get these at the hardware or dollarstore.
The construction favour boxes came from ebay store cupcakealicious for $1.70each.
Please email me if there is anything missing that you would like to know.

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