Monday, July 5, 2010

Fox Logo & Flames {birthday cake}

This cake was made for a friends son last week, he liked the flames on the transformer cake I made and he also liked the fox motorsport gear and he wanted a motorbike on it!  This is the cake before the motorbike was added, Darcy's mum picked up a great bike with a little rider on it which was added after I delivered it so I'm not sure if it was placed on top or on the board either way I'm sure it would have looked good!

This was my first go at creating a logo in fondant and I was quite pleased with the way it came out, pretty close to the real thing!

Inside is buttercake covered in vanilla cream icing. The flames are all cut out by hand, I then added a little bit of hologram edible glitter to the tops which you can just make out in this picture....Happy Birthday Darcy!

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