Saturday, March 27, 2010

Baby Shower Cupcakes & Toppers!

Another busy weekend for cupcakes, here are 3 of the 24 chocolate cupcakes
for a friends baby shower I did, all with personalised toppers! I also have my sister-in-law's
cupcake tower ready to go for tonight, I will post something on that later and some cute little
choc chip teddy bear cookies on a kids LOVED these so I had to make
extra's! I will share those with you on {COOKIE} Monday.  Next week I will be looking for idea's
for my daughter's birthday she has changed her mind sooo many times on what cake she would like...
today she was thinking we should have a mad hatters tea party! I liked that idea, maybe a teapot cake
or something any ideas??? 


  1. Those cake toppers really just *top* it off! haha! The mad hatters tea party sounds like the cooooolest idea! Type that into google and there is some really really cool ideas. Lots of bright colours and designs!

    This one is cool:

    Sounds like fun!

  2. Thanks Sam, I love that one too....I have'nt made a topsy turvy style cake yet, maybe I'll give it a go;)

  3. Im sure you can do it! Would be a good challenge!!


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