Thursday, March 25, 2010

My {first ever} attempt at cake decorating!

My obsession with cakes began four years ago, it was my beautiful daughters second birthday and I had ordered a lovely cake from the local bakery earlier in the week...with a half hour to go before the party started I rushed down to pick up the cake, only to be told the order had been misplaced and there was no cake for me! My heart sank thinking of the disappointed little girl when I arrived home without a spectacular birthday cake, from that day on I vowed to attempt making my own cakes. Armed with a copy of The Women's Weekly Children's Party Cakes I started studying! Here is a picture of my very first cake, Caitlin just loved my little pony at the time and I made this one to take to playgroup as a bit of a test to see if the kids liked it (before I made another one for the party!).  Much to my relief Caitlin loved it and so did all her little playgroup friends, I was even more delighted when a few of the Mum's asked if I would make cakes for them!

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