Monday, September 5, 2011

'Sweet Music' 80th Birthday Cupcakes

Here is a cupcake tower I created a couple of weeks ago for an 80th Birthday celebration at Cafe Jacqui's in Warwick.  This lady loved the piano and anything musical so I was asked to do a keyboard design and musical notes.

I made a 'keyboard' cake topper to sit on top of the stand  which simply read 'happy 80th birthday'

The little sheets of music I made out of fondant and then applied the pattern
using a cocoa transfer sheet to keep it all edible. 

When we arrived at the venue to set this one up the tables were decorated with the same sheet music as I had on the cupcakes (you can see them in the bottom left hand side of this photo) so it all tied in together really nicely!
Congratulations and 'Happy 80th Birthday' Betty.

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