Monday, October 15, 2012

Crochet ~ for beginners!

Each year when the cooler weather rolls around I get an urge to knit something...and each year I am left with another useless unfinished project, sound familiar?! For the last few winters I have turned my hand to crochet, and I love it.  I started off with this basic five petal flower tutorial I found on YouTube. These are great to use as embellishments on your sewing projects or for little girls hairclips maybe? I'm sure you could find something to use them for!

If you don't know the four basic stitches used in crochet you will find this tutorial most helpful..

The US and UK use different names for the same stitches, I was not aware of this until some of my projects were not working out as they should have. So take note when starting a new pattern which terms they are wrtitten in :)
If you search the internet you will find many crochet patterns, most of them free, for almost anything you can think of! 

I am 'hooked' on making these flowers, I usually make a couple everyday in the car while I'm waiting for the kids to come out of school...not sure what I will do with them all yet!! any suggestions?

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