Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dora the Explorer! {First Birthday Cake}

I created this cute and simple design for a special little girls first birthday. Personalised with her name 'Savana' in vibrant pink letters cut from fondant icing.  I also made some little curly streamers to brighten up the cake board a bit.  The figurines are plastic and come in the set of three that you see here, Dora, Boots the monkey and Swiper the sneaky fox! Inside is three layers of delicious chocolate cake.
'Happy First Birthday Savana!'

If you are like me and love a good 'cake face' photo opportunity {especially for first birthdays!} then you will love these creamy ruffle smash cakes.  I added a little edible glitter to this one which looks amazing on a bright and sunny day, great for an outdoors party!

Life has been busy lately as you might have guessed from my lack of blogging, we also caught a nasty bug just before Easter that went through all four of us and put me out of action for a little over a week! So I'm very pleased to be back on track and getting close to being up to date with my paper party orders.  Also, my daughter turned nine on Easter day{!} as we were away we could'nt have the usual birthday party at home so instead a very simple afternoon tea with the family in Warwick.  Caitlin even decorated her own cupcakes this year using her favourite icing tip and topping them with tiny speckled easter eggs.

They turned out really cute don't you think? She did a great job!

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