Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Handmade 'Hooty' Owls!

How adorable are these handmade owls?!!  Last month I was gifted these gorgeous little owl softies by my very talented and crafty friend Alana Tattam.  If you live in Warwick {QLD} you may have seen some of these fabric delights hanging out of the tree in front of 'Warwick Patchwork and Quilting' for the Jumpers and Jazz Festival this past winter, yes... Alana made all of those aswell!

I love them both but this one is my absolute favourite with the perfectly hand stitched 'Top That' in the same font as my blog header! and did anyone notice the cupcake fabric?  Very clever...thankyou so much Lana, I will treasure them always :o) 

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