Monday, July 25, 2011

YEEHAW!!! {Pink Cowgirl Hat} Birthday Cake

My favourite cake for last week was this one, a pink cowgirl hat I made for my niece, Georgia. 

I hand carved this one to get the hat shape, I used a small star cutter to cut white fondant stars for the name and painted the letters on with brown food colouring.

To get this hat band to look 'leathery' {or suede like} I let the icing dry out a little bit before I twisted it which made it look like this.

The cake board I covered with some raffia of course to resemble straw/hay.

Inside this one was butter cake, I hope you liked it Georgia!
'Happy Birthday'

My two kids just loved this cake and now want me to make ones to look like thier own cowboy/girl hats!
Have a great day everyone, don't forget to check out my albums in the photos section of my facebook page.

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