Friday, April 15, 2011

Hello Kitty! {Caitlin's 8th Birthday cake}

Here is the Hello Kitty birthday cake I created for Caitlin's birthday!  She didn't get to have candles or cut her cake until Tuesday {party was supposed to be Sunday!} as she was in bed sick almost all day Sunday. My husband ended up taking most of it to share around at work so at least it got eaten!

All the decorations are edible, made of fondant icing..the hardest part on this cake was making the 'Hello Kitty' face.  I drew the face straight onto a piece of icing freehand with black food colouring
{I use gourmet writers which are just like a felt tip pen only with food colouring instead of ink} and cut out the shape from there. The bow is covered in dark pink edible glitter which in person was super sparkly! I stuck it to a few paddle pop sticks to keep it standing upright and inserted them
straight into the top of the cake.

I was pretty happy that it actually turned out looking like 'Hello Kitty'!

Following this post will be Caitlin's party table featuring some of the 'Hello Kitty' paper range,
Hope you all have a great weekend!

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