Sunday, February 20, 2011

'Good Catch' Wedding Cake

This wedding cake was designed by the bride herself, she supplied me with the bride and 'fishing' groom cake toppers and the artificial flowers which I cut and re-wired to suit the design of the cake for her.

I piped on the lacey leaf pattern around the cakes with royal icing, and I must say it was very good to ice a cake without battling the rain for once! {which turns the icing quite sticky and makes it difficult to work with}

Inside is two tiers of decadent chocolate mud cake and the top tier rich fruit cake, yum!
Delivered to the Douglas Feez Pavillion in Warwick {which was beautifully decorated in red and white} on a very hot and sunny Saturday...perfect wedding weather!

Thank you Jess for the lovely phone call today, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Have a great honeymoon ;)

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