Sunday, July 11, 2010

Suitcase & Make-up bag cake! {Penny's 30th birthday}

This cake was made for my cousin's 30th birthday which she celebrated over the weekend with family and friends at the North Burleigh Surf Club.  Both the suitcase and the make-up bag are chocolate mud cakes.  Everything is edible including the lipstick and eyeshadow!

Here is the back view, I put a couple of little hinges on the lid, the board is also covered in fondant which I tried to make loose and resemble a bedsheet...Penny loves to travel the world so this cake really suited her and she loves blue, I really enjoyed making this one.

Hope you liked your cake Pen...Happy Birthday!


  1. My Gosh Gina this is incredible, you even put a little bit of eye shadow on the brush!!! You are amazing!

  2. You out did your self again. This is amazing!!!!! Hope Pen loved it, I'm sure she did.

  3. Thanks guys! I was really pleased with the end result:)


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